10 Matchstick Marvels

Have you ever wondered how creative matchstick can be? If you have not, then this post will make you think. All these structures and models are made up of matchstick.

YES! matchstick. It takes a lot of hard work and patience to complete these these kind of life size models. Hats off to all the artists.

10 inspirational photographs that connect past and present

It is fun and very emotional when when we go through our old photo albums. Old pictures have captured our precious moments and sometimes feelings as well. We compare ourselves with old photos that were shot, when we were kid. Seeing past photographs makes us that we have come a long way. In this post you will find 10 photographs where people have recreated their past with the similar dress and location at present time. It is a fantastic idea and so thought provoking.

Beautifully Designed Airline Logos

There are hundreds of airline companies throughout the globe that try to establish their name with good brand positioning in the market. It is true for every domestic and International companies. In this article, I try to give a glimpse of some of the airline carriers logos that are popular in the market.

Look at their logo design, color they use, and the font they use. Some of the airlines have their own font designed for them and for some, they just use common fonts that available in the market like Sans Serif. Colors vary a lot and they try to give a glimpse of their brand in this small logo. These are very creatively designed art. We can see the design pattern they follow, if they are from same industries or same geographical area. This rule applies in the flag designs also.


Easter eggs that you would love to see in 2011

Easter is a Christian celebration of Jesus Christ’s rising from the dead (His Resurrection) after his crucifixion which took place on what we now term Good Friday. Easter is celebrated on the Sunday following the first full moon after the vernal equinox. Easter can occur on any date between March 23rd and April 26th and is closely related to the timing of the Spring Equinox. The actual date is set as the first Sunday after the first full moon that occurs after March 21, one of the first days of spring.

Design Competition

Deadline: May 13, 2011
Entries submitted after that date require a $10 per entry late fee.

Communication Arts Design Annual and commarts.com has organized the competition for creativity in graphic design, the Communication Arts Design Competition. For this project, any design project printed, published or aired for the first time within the last twelve months prior to the deadline is eligible. Selected by a jury of leading design professionals, the winning entries will be distributed worldwide in the Communication Arts Design Annual and on commarts.com, assuring important exposure to the creators of this outstanding work.

2011 National Photography Competition

From today, I am starting this new category in my website. This section will list all the upcoming competition in the field of photography, art & design, origami and advertising.Today I am posting about an upcoming photography competition that is available only for US residents.

Soho Photo Gallery of New York, USA has announced 16th National Juried competition which is open to all US residents of 18 years and older. The competition does not allow its current Soho Photo Gallery members to take part in the competition. Soho Photo Gallery established in 1971 is the oldest artist-run photography gallery in New York City.

Foodscapes: amazing food art by Carl Warner

Carl Warner is a UK based artist who make Foodscapes,i.e.landscapes made up of food. At first glance, these photographs looks like a wooded landscapes with big rocks, dense forest in the background. However, if you look closely you will realize that it is actually made up of broccoli, beans, potatoes, bread, asparagus, courgettes, and corn. So, basically everything you see in the photograph is made up of food.

Carl began his career at art college as an illustrator. His imagination in drawing led him to discover a completely new field:photography. With the passion in photography, he slowly got interested in manipulating the landscape that he photographs. The whole process of Foodscape is very time consuming and can take of couple of days to get the final touch. To get the right shape and size of the fruits and vegetables is also essential.

Top 9 Animated love stories of all time

This post is all about love stories…animated love stories. Although i am not a kid anymore, i love animated films because of the humor and graphics in the movie. Now days animated movies have bigger market than the main stream movies. So here are my top 9 favorite animated movies.

9. Jake’s avatar and Neytiri – Avatar (2009)

Although this is not a complete animated movie, it made to my list as all the scenes in Pandora are animated. Avatar is primarily an action-adventure journey of self-discovery, in the context of imperialism and deep ecology. The love story between Jake’s avatar and Neytiri is a memorable one. Both couples come from radically different cultures that are contemptuous of their relationship and are forced to choose sides between the competing communities.

New form of photography with pencil and camera

Belgian artist Ben Heine creates very beautiful mixture of art and photograph, which is famously known as “pencil Vs camera”. Ben is a self taught photographer and he enjoys making sketches. His work can be considered as half real and half pencil sketch. His creative thinking combines both art and pictures portraying two different things within the same scene. So far he has created near about 40 “pencil Vs camera” images.

Have you heard about human alphabet?

Pilobolus Dance Theatre dancers have managed to re-create 26 individual poses for English alphabets to become the human alphabet by making their bodies twisted in various positions. There were six performing contortionists who worked in collaboration with photographer John Kane.

Pilobolus Dance Theatre was approached by New Hampshire Dance Collective to help create the book not only children but also adults. The whole process of human alphabet took four days to go through all the 26 position.

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