25 Clone photography in action

I started using Photoshop 10 years back. It was fun to play with. Slowly, i started growing my interest in photography too. It all happened because i need to have photographs to play with, in Photoshop. I had also tried this clone photography 5-6 years back. At that time photo-stitching software were very popular. After making some  photographs, i got tired. The free software were not so good at stitching  photographs.  And it was taking me a long time in Photoshop, as i was using point-shoot camera without tripod.  And to be honest, tripod were damn expensive in my country at that time.

Yeah..that was long time back. I have started learning these techniques again in a proper way. Learning never ends. This post is for all those people, who wanted to try clone photography but never did.


Image credits: Andrew Moss Photography

Image credits:Mike-Lee

Image credits: Swedish Goose

Image credits: ssstephie

Image credits: detachedreality

Image credits: Adam Marcan

Image credits: Littlebox

Image credits: Dash

Image credits: iKlash

Image credits: Dash

Image credits: GeoFX

Image credits: Dash

Image credits: JordyR

Image credits: something for Kate

Image credits: kridgett_kreations

Image credits: dmswart

Image credits: dmswart

Image credits:Ozma

Image credits: jaytildeath

Image credits: sebastein.b

Image credits: warumstereo

Image credits: THX1138

Image credits: Gregelfie

Image credits: Gregelfie

Image credits: Jaebn

This last picture is my favorite one. There are 50 little girls with different expressions. I counted..really. Same girl with so many expressions. Tell me your favorites one in the comment section. For those of you who are wondering how this is possible and want to give it a try, i have posted some tutorials links below to get you started with.

1. Digital media minute

2. Peta Pixel- 7 Steps to taking clone photographs

3. Photoextremist- How to clone yourself

Hope you enjoyed this post.

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  1. Courtesy Mike Baird Photography.This image not only serves as the image for our Image Credits page it also underscores how important The View is.

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