Have you heard about human alphabet?

Pilobolus Dance Theatre dancers have managed to re-create 26 individual poses for English alphabets to become the human alphabet by making their bodies twisted in various positions. There were six performing contortionists who worked in collaboration with photographer John Kane.

Pilobolus Dance Theatre was approached by New Hampshire Dance Collective to help create the book not only children but also adults. The whole process of human alphabet took four days to go through all the 26 position.

‘The hardest letters to produce were C and R, but I couldn’t tell you how we did them, other than to say that we didn’t use Photoshop at all,’ said John, who has been a photographer for over 30 years and has worked with Pilobolus for 12.

Pilobolus is entertaining audiences in America since 1971 and also appeared in a 2007 Oscar.

The dancers from Pilobolus were all extremely professional. It was necessary to design many letters with intimate positions with each other. Dancers found the sessions extremely fun and photo shoot went good.

This was a project that aims to show skills of the dancers’ and support for the school children.

They used tricks of the trade for this project, to make the eventual pictures as colorful and clear that is enjoyable to children.

The photographer of this shoot also mentioned that each letter in the book comes with a form made by the dancers, and it will be used as ants, which corresponds with the letter A.

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